Rathi Plan (NEET) Class 12: e-Book

The Rathi Plan is implemented to the pawns who use the efficient and effective techniques to approach the battle field. This plan is used as a milestone in increasing the techniques to an advanced level. The courses are formulated by adding vast concepts on fundamental theories in preparing the exams in working hard with utmost sincerity and dedication. The academic performance is frequently analysed on the subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


  • This is an advanced programme with qualitative materials provided for students to appear for the NEET examination.
  • Course Plan can be of two years which help to revise the subject thoroughly
  • Crash courses are also offered with a higher advancement of implementing the techniques in a systematic way to cover all the important topics on exam point of view.
  • Doubts are clarified spontaneously with brief explanations and made easy to understand by reinforcing the topics on a daily basis
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Course Includes

  • 83 Lessons