Maharathi Plan Class 10: e-Book | e-Tutor | e-Test

The Maha Rathi Plan is implemented to the Knights to change the systematic way of approach in building the interiors of the castle in a battle field. Students can be updated and grasp more scores as they have a visual mode of approach by watching the recorded videos, which is one step higher than the homeroom sessions and the mode of improvement can be gained in giving the online tests on subjects like Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) and Mathematics.


  • Each video holds a duration of one hour where the lessons can be learnt even without the internet or the wifi connectivity.
  • The recorded videos can be accessed anywhere and anytime during the course plan say for an year and helps the students to make quality notes even if a class is skipped
  • It can be an interactive session rather than focusing on the materials downloaded from various sources.
  • Saves time and can be highly useful for students to listen to the videos a multiple number of times when required.

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Course Includes

  • 31 Lessons
  • 72 Topics
  • 51 Tests