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The Maha Maha Rathi Plan is implemented to prepare the Kings and the Queens to fight the battle among the millions of soldiers in the battlefield to capture the diamond crown. The focus and goal under this plan include online lectures and tests for additional practice to boost the scores by placing an eagles’ eye to achieve the desired targets in subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with well-trained experts and organised classes making it a two-way approach of systematic study.


  • Frequent practice by attending online classes, preparing the test series that include the mock tests, practice tests, is a positive way to grab the top score.
  • The expert advice and methods followed by the faculty gives best possible scores beyond expectations.
  • Students under this plan are thoroughly prepared for JEE as well as other Medical Entrance Exams to make their dream come true.
  • A complete crash course, which has led to more success stories, will be given to the students before JEE exam where there are higher chances to grab the toppers list in the scorecard.

LIVE Class Schedule

Day 10am-11.30am (class) 11.30am-1pm (class) 2pm-3.30pm (class) 4pm-6pm (test)
Monday Maths Physics Chemistry Maths
Tuesday Physics Chemistry Maths Physics
Wednesday Chemistry Maths Physics Chemistry
Thursday Maths Physics Chemistry Maths
Friday Physics Chemistry Maths Doubt Session
Saturday Maths Physics Chemistry Doubt Session
Sunday Maths Chemistry       — Physics

Course Content

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Course Includes

  • 77 Lessons
  • 73 Topics
  • 265 Tests