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The Maha Maha Rathi Plan is implemented to prepare the Kings and the Queens to fight the battle among the battalion of soldiers to capture the crown. This focusses on studious preparation with tremendous efforts in the form of e- live sessions and e test series to produce outstanding scores as the way of approach in subjects like Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) and Mathematics with trained experts helps to students to be smarter and brighter with fantabulous scorecards.


  • Frequent practice with live classes and attending test series regularly helps the student to get a thorough knowledge on the subject.
  • As this approach is equipped with highly experienced faculty, the session is made more interactive and livelier by making the students to come out in flying colours
  • The preparation method and materials used here is highly beneficial for students to have an urge and thirst of knowledge towards the subject by increasing their performances consistently and gradually.
  • Experts design quality answer keys with solutions and explanations for all the comprehensive questions in the test series by making use of the resources given by the management utilising it in the best possible way.

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  • 54 Lessons
  • 84 Topics
  • 51 Tests