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The Dynamic Plan is implemented to change the channel of approach the King and the Queen perform in the battle field. This plan focusses on the subject Physics as it has an impact in developing vast knowledge of many great medical inventions. The subject can be easily implied in our day to day life through live classes and test sessions which help our proficient to teach to the optimum and advanced level.


  • The highly experienced proficient makes the session more interactive and livelier for the students to improve the learning standards.
  • The contents of the subject designed here helps the students to understand the concepts and the evolution of Physics in the field of science.
  • Regular process of revising on taking the test series seriously can propel the student to concentrate more on the subject.
  • The procedures and methods used by our proficient helps the student to accomplish their goal in a magnificent way.

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  • 19 Lessons
  • 23 Topics
  • 68 Tests