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The Catalyst Plan is implemented to expand the expertise of the King and the Queen in the battle field. This focusses on Chemistry as this subject is made more interesting with the proficient who engage with the students in the virtual class by conducting online sessions and giving more practice on tough Engineering concepts by conducting the test series in an effective way to help the students prepare themselves to face the challenging competitive exams with firm determination.


  • The preparation method and materials highly reward the students to study with a strong willpower to boost the scores consistently.
  • The high proficient help the students to understand the core concepts and clarify the doubts through the live sessions.
  • The test series uplift the students and identify their level of perception which help the proficient to give an additional attention to rapidly increase their scores.
  • The students deliberately learn the subject with the standard materials designed for them by the proficient that creates a desire to achieve the target.

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  • 31 Lessons
  • 34 Topics
  • 116 Tests