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The Caliber Plan is implemented to check the potentiality of the King and the Queen in the battle field. This plan concentrates on the subject Mathematics as the student can improve their logical and analytical thinking in Engineering studies by focusing the live sessions and practicing the test series framed by the proficient in an effective way with an efficient approach.


  • The proficient provide rigorous practice by holding live sessions and offering quality answer keys with solutions and explanations to solve all the tough practical problems.
  • The formulas and methods implied makes the subject more gratifying as important concepts are made easy and understandable for the students to crack good scores. 
  • The proficient highly help the students in providing unique methods like framing the short cuts, providing handouts to memorise the formulas easily, giving more examples that relates each concept from basic to advanced level with clear explanations.
  • Time management is used as the best strategy in taking the tests series ambitiously which in turn expands the horizon of favourable outcome with fantastic results.

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  • 27 Lessons
  • 10 Topics
  • 81 Tests