Caliber Plan (Maths) Class 9: e-Book | e-Tutor | e-Live | e-Test

The Caliber Plan is implemented to check the ability of the King and the Queen in the battle field. This plan focusses on the subject Mathematics as the student can enhance their analytical thinking through live sessions and test series conducted by the faculties help them in increasing their logical skills applied in their day to day life.


  • Frequent practice with live classes and test series regularly helps the student to get a thorough knowledge on the subject.
  • The formulas and methods implied to the students are easy to understand.
  • The faculties highly help the students by handling a different way of approach like teaching the short cuts, easy way to memorise the formulas, giving more examples to solve the problems, etc.
  • The material designed here encourages the students to love the subject and help them to score good marks.
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Course Includes

  • 15 Lessons
  • 4 Topics
  • 19 Tests