Athi Rathi Plan (NEET) Class 12: e-Book | e-Test

The Adi Rathi Plan is implemented to the rooks to build the castle with highly strong and unbreakable bricks to act as a protective shield in the battle field. This plan is focussed on conducting more Online Tests which is the best way of all to measure the way of the student’s performance to help them overcome the exam fear. The apt resources with updates are enforced more on subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


  • Online tests help the students to achieve more by scores as this is the primary key of strategic approach to obtain good results.
  • The tests are conducted in an organised manner either on weekends covering the full syllabus along with unit tests which makes the preparation easy for the students.
  • The remarks and suggestions obtained from the faculties helps the student to put more efforts, in considering each test with a feel of attending the NEET examination in the exam centre.
  • A dedicated academic operation team also helps the students in providing feedbacks which shows the interest of the management in helping the students to design a bright future.

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