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The Adi Maha Rathi Plan is implemented to the Bishops who have the passion of becoming a doctor to face the battle field. Interactive lively sessions are conducted for the students to understand the benefit of quality coaching conveniently at their home. It brings the academic legacy and discipline to your home on live online classes of subjects that includes the Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


  • It is one of the most added advantage in the on-going pandemic outbreak where classes can be attended at your doorstep.
  • Relevant information along with additional explanations are provided here without wasting time on referring books to understand each topic.
  • The classes are scheduled time on the convenience of the students making them feel more comfortable
  • Low bandwidth setting that allows students to take classes even when there is poor internet connectivity.

LIVE Class Schedule

Day 10am-11.30am (class) 11.30am-1pm (class) 2pm-3.30pm (class) 4pm-6pm (test)
Monday Maths Physics Chemistry Maths
Tuesday Physics Chemistry Maths Physics
Wednesday Chemistry Maths Physics Chemistry
Thursday Maths Physics Chemistry Maths
Friday Physics Chemistry Maths Doubt Session
Saturday Maths Physics Chemistry Doubt Session
Sunday Maths Chemistry       — Physics

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Biology Class 11
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Course Includes

  • 83 Lessons
  • 73 Topics
  • 231 Tests